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  • Do you need advice about the best IT products?
  • Are you pulling your hair out due to an IT issue?
  • Do you want a dynamic and engaging website?

Well, Visual Net Applications can help. Our friendly, can-do attitude, together with over 30 years industry experience and specialist qualifications, means we can help you with just about any IT problem or project. Our team prides itself on its ability to solve IT problems, no matter how big or small

Who we are

VNA is a Ballarat based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company with over 30 years experience in the industry. We design, create, install and configure effective IT solutions, train our clients in their use and then provide on-going support

Our team prides itself on its ability to solve IT problems, no matter how big or small. We take the time to really listen to you about what your business needs and then come up with the best solution, whether that be configuring the installation of Windows 8 onto your computer system, holding a customised training session for your staff or the development of a responsive website to help you better reach your target audience

We are never satisfied unless we have exceeded expectations and you are happy

About Us

VNA Musings

5th July 2013
Today VNA received a telephone call claiming to be from Microsoft's "Windows Support and Service Department" that would fix problems with our computer via the telephone connection. We were somewhat bemused that Microsoft knew about problems that were unknown to us, but a list of errors was demonstrated, and a Customer Licence ID was given as reference. Very slick, and a SCAM
As digital consultants we do, from time-to-time, connect remotely to our client's computer systems, but never on the strength of an unsolicited phone call. Make sure you do not allow such connections from unknown sources, no matter how plausible they sound. Hang up, and contact your normal support\service company
Microsoft has no such department and first warned about these telephone scams during 2008. The fact that these scams are still active indicates that the scammers must be successful far too often

Don't let them scam you